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Potential Business Opportunities to Develop

Owenstown is an economic regeneration imitative and has set a goal to secure 8,000 new jobs to help the local economy.

This goal demands a culture of enterprise by the Co-op and a willingness to help individuals and organisations realise their ambitions and business aims.

The Co-op will help achieve this through providing the right physical environment; the right financial conditions to encourage success and a range of ‘unique selling points – USPs’ which will stimulate economic growth.

Among the initial USPs will be the following:

  • Market demand from a developing and expanding township;
  • Access to lower costs of heat and power;
  • Access to sources of funding and expertise from the Co-op;
  • Access to land and buildings which will be provided at competitive rates;
  • Potential joint venture arrangements with the Co-op and other operators and businesses in Owenstown

Owenstown will foster an enterprising culture.

Consequently, we welcome initial enquiries from individuals and businesses who may wish to share their aspirations and prospects with us. All matters discussed will be confidential.

Although it may sometime before Owenstown is a fully developing settlement, a number of early actions and initiatives are planned to stimulate investment. You could be part of this process.

Please contact us.