The Board

The Board, chaired by Jim Arnold MBE of the New Lanark Trust, is responsible for developing the proposals for the new town, including extensive consultation, and then securing all the necessary approvals and funding to allow construction to commence.

The Board will be responsible for the management of the organisation, and be the custodian of its finances, setting standards of service and policy as well as meeting public standards of probity.

The Board will be responsible for the creation of the new town in line with the business and development plans, including the co-ordination of public facilities and buildings and inward investment.

The Co-op sets budgets, fixes policy and monitors defined standards of accountability. It creates markets to deliver co-operative principles and sets the pace of development. It will produce an Annual Report and report to its members at its Annual General Meeting.

Post the initial set up period, five years, there will be an annual election of the Board of Management. All shareholders will be eligible to vote.