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Potential Business Opportunities to Develop

We already have number of business ideas which need partners for such as:


Performing Arts Centre
This is also located on the town square - this will be a 200 seat theatre with bar and rehearsal rooms, for the use of local and touring performers. It will provide an important focal point for the new community. All performing arts will be encouraged and environmental art on grand scale will be used to create a wider visitor interest in the town and its development.


Hotels are planned to accommodate visitors, guests and business people. In the first instance a hotel with 120 bedrooms, leisure spa and conference facilities are planned for the town centre.

A rural hotel or guest house is also proposed to cater for the leisure activities on and around Longmoor Hill.


Art Gallery
This will build up its own display largely through donations from benefactors and artists’ donations or loans. It will focus on Scottish art with themed exhibitions throughout the year. Resident artists (those living in Owenstown) will have their own studio space. The gallery will include a restaurant / cafe and gift shop within the town centre.


Centre for Sustainable Design
This Centre will accommodate 5,000m² of design studios as a feature building. These studios will accommodate the many professionals who will be involved in the construction and development of Owenstown. It is hoped that the experience and practice gained through the development of Owenstown will assist the Centre export its expertise to other parts of the UK.


Office Accommodation
At least another 5,000m² is planned for the town centre, and others will follow in response to market demand.


Rural Crafts Centre
This will be combined with a retail showroom, and will provide a manufacturing workshop centre with 50 studios for sale or rent and a sales outlet. These studios will be available to public viewing and will develop as a visitor attraction in its own right.


Winter Garden
This building is an important all weather attraction. It is a large glass covered gathering space, providing a tourist destination in winter months and heated by the district heating system. The Winter Garden will be host to a series of attractions, concerts and events throughout the year as well as displaying some exotic plants.


Local food production will be a feature in Owenstown. Lowland crofting in the Knowes area, allotments and other farming activities will be undertaken within the town boundary.


Prefabricated house assembly plant
This factory will be where all the components of the houses will be made, reducing time to erect the building to four days on site! This will also provide a market for local timber supplies, create employment, and ensure the highest levels of energy efficiency. And with the excellent local links to the motorway network, houses can be made here to be built in other parts of the country, generating further income for the area.


Stone quarry There is an existing stone quarry which can be expanded to supply aggregates for construction


Bus depot and workshop for Electric buses


Recycling centre All materials which cannot be re-used will be recycled wherever possible. The remainder of the waste will be used to generate heat and power for the town.


Centralised District Heating Plant To generate space heating and power, at below market rates, to attract home owners and businesses, power community facilities and eradicate fuel poverty.
Large scale glass houses for producing fruit and exotic plants


Wind Turbines These will be used to provide DC current to charge the batteries for the electric buses and cycles, with the remainder providing electricity for homes and business on site. Any excess will be sold to the national grid.


Golf Course For the other side of town at Black Hill, a 9 hole golf course is planned, for the use of the whole community. This will be integrated with the housing planned in this area.


Outdoor activities centre The steeper slopes and summit of Longmoor and Black Hill will accommodate outdoor activities. In the early phases, this will be predominantly mountain biking on the hills, and fishing and boating on the new water-bodies. As this area becomes a destination for such activities, a dry ski slope with sledging run will be developed and served by a rural hotel, with cafe and restaurant.

Do you have your own thoughts or have a business plan to exploit these opportunities?

If so, please contact us.