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Business Opportunties

The economic strategy will be based on attracting companies or residents to Owenstown who wish to become involved in the following activities:

  • To construct the new town – built development professionals, tradesmen, building companies, manufacturers of building materials and prefabricated low carbon homes;
  • To operate the town’s infrastructure – district heating plant, electric bus and cycle company, waste recycling company, building maintenance, open space maintenance;
  • To establish value added agro-businesses - such as food production, food processing, farmer’s market;
  • To establish arts and crafts businesses;
  • To establish Owenstown as tourist and visitor attraction - with facilities such as hotel, restaurants, cafes, Winter Garden and outdoor recreation; and
  • To offer ideas and opportunities for the Board of the Co-op to invest in where this assists the economic growth of the town and the surrounding area.

Other opportunities will be explored and developed as the promotion of Owenstown gains momentum and others start to contribute to the economic regeneration of the area.