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We want Owenstown to be carbon neutral. This would allow carbon emissions, provided they, are offset with renewable energy generation. To achieve this, it is necessary to address two main factors:

Energy Demand - the need to build the settlement to the highest energy efficiency standards to reduce as much as possible the energy consumption, both in the construction and operation of the settlement;

Energy Supply - to provide energy, through heat and power, by renewable means.

The first principle for the Co-op to adopt is to reduce energy demand to as low as practicable; the second principle is to supply remaining energy from low carbon, and renewable sources.

To be ‘carbon positive’ in energy terms, the settlement will have to produce more energy than it consumes, which means it will be necessary to provide renewable generation on site.

The other key area for supplying and consuming energy within the town is the mechanism for delivery. There are opportunities to both provide income and create employment by providing and maintaining the town's energy supply.

The Co-op will develop the ESCo as an appropriate investment model, and identify appropriate partners for future investment.