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Guiding Principles

Owenstown has a set of core principles designed to guide its delivery:

  • Promote community involvement and ownership in the establishment and management of the town;
  • Encourage economic development and job creation through community enterprises and other established businesses in the surrounding area;
  • Engender co-operative principles in the development of the town;
  • Promote an environment of entrepreneurship and innovation in all its activities;
  • Promote health and wellbeing for everyone living in the town – creating recreational facilities and green spaces;
  • Promote sustainability and a low carbon footprint in every aspect of the town’s operation;
  • Promote the use of renewable energy in powering the town; and
  • Encourage interest from people from as wide a range of social backgrounds as possible to provide for a balanced community.

Community Spirit

Community lies at the heart of our daily lives. It's community that nurtures friendships, promotes personal responsibility and fosters a sense of pride, in who we are and what we do.

Owenstown will create locally- based jobs in an area of high unemployment and bring economic benefit to businesses in surrounding areas. The income generated from the development of the town and its services will be ploughed back into its community – with the decisions made by the residents themselves. This opens up real opportunities and engenders strong community spirit.

The Cooperative Ideal

The Hometown Foundation sponsors of the Owenstown concept and landowner of the site, believes that strong communities are the key to a sustainable, prosperous future. It is a charity set up to enable community development based on established co-operative principles. This is an approach that allows people to achieve success and improve their lifestyle through the regeneration of their own community.

The Owenstown co-operative gives control to the local residents and businesses, to ensure a sense of pride and belief in the community. Income generated will be ploughed back into the town's community services.