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Mondragón, Spain - a working example

Mondragón, a town in the Basque region of Spain, is the base of the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation (MCC) the world's largest workers’ co-operative.

It was the 1940’s vision of a catholic priest Father José María Arizmendiarrieta who was appalled by the human cost of the Spanish Civil War. Father José was impressed by the work of Robert Owen but less so with the ideologies of Adam Smith or Karl Marx. The MCC now contributes a significant percentage of the total GDP of the Basque Country. It consistently outperforms all other areas of Spain, it has branches overseas and it continues to prosper even in the current difficult times.

Mondragón presents Owenstown with a unique challenge as well as a valuable example. The challenge will be to instill a matching ambition, work ethic and community spirit in a new Scottish town and its example will both guide and inspire us to meet this challenge.

Mondragón – like Robert Owen’s New Lanark – has been studied by renowned sociologists from all over the World.

For further information visit: www.mondragon-corporation.com

"In Mondragón, I saw no signs of poverty. I saw no signs of extreme wealth I saw people looking out for each other…..It is a caring form of capitalism.”  Barbara J. Peters, professor of sociology at Long Island University


The Mondragon Experiment - Corporate Cooperativism 1980 from 5iF3R on Vimeo.

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