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Bus Services

A high quality, frequent and reliable public transport system is crucial to support sustainable travel patterns. It will also be important to provide these services with low emission and accessible vehicles.

The internal public transport system will use electric buses, operated by the Co-op. Small electric vehicles will also be provided by the Co-op for public use.

Electricity for charging these vehicles will be provided from on-site renewable energy supplied by Owenstown ESCo.

The external bus service will be provided by diverting the existing Douglas to Lanark service through the site on the inner loop with frequency enhancements over time as the settlement develops. This will be supplemented by the electric buses providing additional local services.

The location of bus stops through the site will be designed to ensure that all bus passengers are within a 250 metre walk of a bus stop. The internal electric bus will also serve the main car parking areas.

It is the intention that the electric bus will become an attraction in its own right with visitors choosing to travel around the settlement on the bus as part of the overall visitor experience.