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Your Comments

Many people have told us why they are attracted to Owenstown, here is a selection:


“A close knit, mutually supportive community based on an environmentally aware way of life in a beautiful part of the country. A chance to contribute to the development of a unique town and the opportunity for our children to grow up in such a setting.”

M.C. Hamilton

“Looking out for an area (utopia) where people look out for each other and where we can feel safe, valued and participate in our community in a meaningful way. We enjoy community work, gardening music and family.”
H.L. Perth

“My partner and myself have become more and more disillusioned with city life as we have got older, and now we have the prospect of two kids, we think a more rural life would suit both ourselves plus be beneficial for our children. The idea of Owenstown with what's intended to be provided intrigues us very much and would be something we would be very interested in. As modern housing gets thrown up with no facilities to support it, Owenstown seems the opposite to that, with the chance to make a town that we could be proud to be part of. And one that me and my family could help build and sustain.”
C.B. Glasgow

“I am a British Citizen born in Portpatrick, Dumries and Galloway who is currently resident in USA with my American wife. We would like to retire and settle in Scotland, within reasonable distance of Edinburgh and without the expense of Edinburgh Property as we're on a fixed retirement income."
B.H. New York

“Currently We live in Rutherglen and have a dream of staying in a place exactly like Owenstown for years with or 2 children, having seen on the bbc news site the article about Owenstown I knew I had to ask for more info as my wife is currently studying for her environmental science degree and would also love to help achieve such a town to live in.”
S.R. Rutherglen

“the idea of a Co-operative New Town, along the lines of Mondragon seems to me to be the kind of project I'd love to be involved in, even just as a resident onlooker! Also, as a Software developer involved in Internet projects since the early days of the Web, I'd be particularly interested in the potential for a community like Owenstown to become a fully 'wired' community, offering facilities for start-up IT companies ... All in all, it’s a project that really excites me, and I wish you well involved.”
G.S. Glasgow

“Fresh new start, community, lots to do and get involved in. Clean, safe & exciting new community.”
R.M. Glenrothes

“The idea that it’s based on a cooperative philosophy.”
J.C. South Queensferry

“I currently live in Glasgow in the west end. My daughter currently goes to nursery. We rent privately and we have had to move 3 times over the past 4 years due to landlords either increasing the rent or selling. I would like my daughter to be able to go to primary school and then on to secondary school within the same area. I would like to live somewhere, where we had a garden or at best some local greenery with dedicated children's area for my daughter to play. I would like to be able to work locally too as I do not drive. I am interested in Eco living and try and do my best in the environment I am in. I currently help with the nursery with Eco issues and within the Library. I like to get involved within the community and would be interested in doing this within Owenstown. I have followed the progress of Owenstown from when it was first published in the newspaper to now, through this website. I would love to have the opportunity to live in a town like Owenstown and eventually have security and be able to put down roots for myself, my child and hopefully for future generations of our family.”
L.B. Glasgow

“I have seen eco friendly houses online but as a single working mum on a low income, finances are a constant struggle so building my own will never been an option. I love the emphasis on community and am impressed that you appear to encourage diversity rather than this being a development aimed at the financially privileged. It sounds like a fabulous place to raise children. I would be looking for a 3 bedroom semi or small detached property to allow me to create a small garden and grow fruit and veg. I am certainly interested in finding out more about this project.”
F.K. Lesmahagow

“I am currently a mother of one and expecting my 2nd child at present. I want my children to grow up respecting the environment. Also the promotion of introducing employment opportunities without the need to travel is very appealing.”
E.T. Clackmannan

“i am a serving soldier due to retire from the forces in 3-5 years. i will be looking to settle my family and possibly start a small business. i am from the local area before joining the forces and look to return to the area. i visited New Lanark lately and was inspired by the idea and of what the town will offer.”
W.C. Penicuik

“I am very drawn to a cooperative community which seeks to take care of its members in a safe, honest, and inclusive manner; where community members live free from judgement and intrinsically understand the connection we have to each other and the Earth.”
A.T. Eureka, California

“We have always been interested in sustainable and environmentally friendly housing and in co-operative living. Unfortunately we have seen very few housing options which embrace these ideals in Scotland and Owenstown is the most exciting project that we have seen due to its ambition and scale. We would love to be part of a community that would share a common purpose.”
J.W. Houston

“Interested in options for a eco self build family home. I work within the co-op movement and specialise in housing, broadband co-op and energy co-ops so very interested in this project both as a potential family home as well as a professional interest!”
S.P. Glasgow

“I run a young people's theatre company,in Glasgow working with 11-25 year olds on free projects that empower them to take ownership of the projects and through this, become more positive active citizens specifically in deprived areas of the city. It is a rewarding and creatively stimulating career, but I would like to apply more of the ethos of my work to my whole life so that I can invest more in the community I live in, the schools my boys will attend, the events and activities and so on. My husband has also worked as an events and production manager for wide range of voluntary sector organisations, and would too like to dedicate time, energy and skill to the community. We find this is difficult to achieve right now as there are not enough of us willing to contribute... however, by it's core values, Owenstown will attract people like us who want to contribute, make a difference and through enterprise and creativity can help make the community stronger, healthier and livelier. This is exceptionally exciting. If there's an opportunity to get involved at an earlier stage, I would be very interested in applying to be part of a steering group/focus group or in some way volunteering my time and skills.”
S.L. Glasgow